The nationwide lockdown enforced by the Government of India marked a shift and postulated that many of these behavioral changes in content consumption attitude are not transient in nature; they are likely to stay long-term. This report intends to provide the trends prevailing in the OTT Industry with an added focus on gaming and content consumption.

This report is an analytical presentation to a survey conducted across Urban India to deliver an insight over consumers’ preferences and opinions towards the OTT sector.

A majority of consumers of OTT content are found in the generational cohort of GenZ and Millennials. As true digital natives, these generations are more susceptible to short attention-span and information overload. It is therefore necessary to understand how this emerging cohort makes choices in a TV landscape that is becoming increasingly overloaded with new content.

Binge-watching is gaining popularity among the youth as it has risen multi-fold viewership since the very beginning of social isolation. Variety of content in terms language and genre has acted as a catalyst for the same. Gaming is another emerging theme trying to enter the billion dollar industry until next year. Overall, these strategies ensure higher engagement of consumers over the ‘digital on demand content’.